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The Problem: Massive Need, Limited Resources


One of the most urgent and resource-consuming needs in disaster recovery is shelter. Traditionally, well after the storm has passed, government goes scrambling for new (expensive) trailers. But even the ‘typical’ storm can leave displaced survivors living in precarious (if not toxic), high-maintenance FEMA trailers for years on end. Once residents can’t stand them anymore, and only if the trailers survive weather threats, they’re dumped at fire sale prices.


The ideal disaster response structures would be versatile and work in a wide variety of settings. They would meet commercial, residential, and governmental needs. Ideal shelters would be economical and reusable. Ideally, emergency shelters would be quickly deployed and redeployed, as needs change. Most importantly, the ideal structure would allow displaced survivors to rest easy, knowing they’re protected from the next disaster.


In other words, the ideal structure is anything but the typical FEMA trailer or mobile home.


Castle Enclosures offer a revolutionary alternative: Safe, durable, mobile, energy-efficient, flood-proof, fire-proof, wind-resistant (up to EF5/cat5), earthquake-resistant, environmentally-friendly, solar-powered, ballistics-resistant (Level 3) structures that can be reused/redeployed for up to 50 years or more! And Castle structures do all this for a fraction of the life cycle costs of a FEMA trailer. Castle structures are the ideal, proactive solution to an emergent problem, no matter the conditions.

Disaster Housing


The Solution: Innovation Born and Built to Save


The innovation behind Castle Enclosures was born from the drive to save precious military lives and resources. A proprietary, fortified, concrete design gives Castle structures extraordinary strength and durability, well beyond any traditional manufactured housing or even ordinary construction. Fortification means Castles can be used, reused, redeployed, and take a beating, for up to 50 years to more!


The genius of Castle’s standardized, adaptable design (roughly the size of a standard shipping container) allows Castle Enclosures to be combined, and even stacked (up to four stories tall), for a variety of layouts, including multi-bedroom residential, office space, dorm housing, a bank of bath and/showers, or just about any finish or function required. Castle shelters even come with a solar option, for out-of-the box independence from the grid. Because they are so durable and mobile, Castles can be conveniently staged, moved, and installed quickly, allowing rescuers to get to work sooner and moving displaced survivors into transitional housing much faster than traditional options. Responders can build an entire, energy-independent camp of Castle shelters in a matter of a few days!

Investing In Smart

Investing in Smart, Proactive Disaster Recovery and Preparedness


Extreme durability means Castle Enclosures are not just an investment in disaster response, they are an investment in high-tech, proactive, 21st century disaster preparedness. They are not just prompt, weatherproof shelter, but the seeds of rebirth. Castle Enclosures are built to last. And save lives.


Castle structures provide the ability to safely pre-stage recovery manpower and resources (including weatherproof Castle structures) in the strategically-chosen and centrally-located Biloxi/Gulfport MS region, generally no more than a day’s transport from all hurricane and tornado-prone areas. Agility and mobility allows responders to move into affected areas and install Castle shelters in less time than traditional options. An extended product life cycle means that, even if new construction is delayed by years and more storms, Castle structures will protect displaced survivors until their needs are met. Then, Castle structures can be quickly, easily, and inexpensively stripped, cleaned, and moved on to the next disaster, or back to the home base in Mississippi to stand ready.

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