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Why Castle Enclosures?

While working on United States military bases across the Middle East during the Iraq War, I was tasked with coming up with the most cost-effective solutions to the military’s need for adaptive, flexible housing. We tried coating tents with foam, modifying shipping containers, even using waste as fuel. After trying endless construction and maintenance variations, and studying energy consumption across the force, it was obvious to me that, in order to fully and efficiently meet its needs, the United States Government needed a new, mobile, durable, flexible structure solution.

After returning from my seven years of overseas service, I had two goals. First, I wanted to start a family. I got lucky. The house next door to me, once owned by my best friend, was soon rented to a wonderful woman named Elizabeth, who would later become my wife and the mother of my sons, Johnny and Marshel.

My second goal was to start a business. I founded Jacoma Construction, building and remodeling homes along the Gulf Coast. Eventually, with the benefit of more construction experience to add to my earlier overseas experience, we set about to create a cutting-edge, cost-efficient, durable solution capable of solving the military’s short-term housing needs.

Once we settled on a prototype, we realized that we also had the perfect answer to an urgent and emerging stateside issue: temporary shelter for disaster relief and recovery. Castle Enclosures give responders and survivors a quick-arriving, flood/wind/weather-proof roof over their heads, for as long as it is needed. Castle even come with a solar option, providing independence from the grid. Castle Enclosures don’t just provide an emergent response, they are the seeds of rebuilding. Castle is a game-changer!

Castle Enclosures are the safest, most durable short-to-long term housing solution ever created. For roughly the cost of a mobile home, or less, Castle structures deliver the set-up ease of a FEMA trailer with the durability of a permanent building. They’re built to save lives and money. Castle units are designed to be used and reused, for up to 50 years, with minimal costs to clean, repurpose, and redeploy. Castle take emergency response from reactive to proactive.

Unlike the current FEMA trailers, "Park" models, and mobile homes, Castle Enclosures can be combined, interlocked, and even stacked, up to four stories tall. The size of a standard shipping container, Castles can be arranged and configured for just about any use. A complete camp of Castle Enclosures can be erected in only a few days!

At Castle Enclosures, our mission is to revolutionize emergency disaster response. Castle give local, state, and federal governments the opportunity to minimize suffering while maximizing taxpayer dollars. In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Nate, needs have never been greater. We humbly request your support in helping Castle save precious lives and resources.

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