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Castle Enclosures: Sustainable Affordable Fortified Efficient Disaster Housing


We’re thrilled to announce Castle Enclosures, the latest technology in transitional housing. Thanks to a revolutionary, proprietary concrete design, Castle Enclosures are mobile, durable, flexible, flood-resistant, earthquake-resistant, wind-resistant (up to EF5 tornado or cat 5 hurricane force), energy-efficient (and, if you prefer, solar-powered), low-maintenance, and even has a class 3A ballistics rating. Castle Enclosures are built to save precious lives, time, and money.


American-made and veteran owned, Castle Enclosures are the safest, most durable short-to-long-term housing solution ever created. Traditional temporary housing solutions, such as FEMA trailers, have a well-documented history of problems, including product defects, energy inefficiency, health risks and lack of product availability. FEMA recently made adjustments to approved structure solutions, in order to address past issues, but the trade-off has meant more inconvenience, fewer options, and unnecessary suffering for displaced storm survivors, all while costing the taxpayer an additional $76 million annually, just to meet housing needs.


For roughly the cost of a mobile home, or less (especially in terms of product life cycle costs), Castle structures deliver the set-up ease of a FEMA trailer, with the durability of a permanent building. About the size of a standard shipping container, Castle structures can be combined, stacked, and configured into 1-3 bedroom residential units, commercial units, showers, office space, dorms, or just about any use required, up to four stories tall. An entire camp of Castles can be installed in only a few days. When needs change, Castle Enclosures can be quickly and easily stripped, cleaned, moved, adapted, and redeployed.


Unlike traditional temporary housing options, like FEMA Trailers, Castle Enclosures may come with self-sustaining solar power. Castle’s mobility, durability, and energy independence allow for a more proactive response and recovery. Castle Enclosures are built to save lives and money!


We humbly request your support in Castle’s mission to save precious lives and resources. To learn more about Castle Enclosures, look thourgh our website and follow us below at Facebook and Twitter! You can also join our discussion group

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Mario Barnes, CEO

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